Interreg NWE Machining 4.0 Project Wraps Up

Interreg NWE Machining 4.0 Project Wraps Up

The Interreg NWE Machining 4.0 project wrapped up in December 2022 and despite the numerous challenges brought about by COVID-19, it was a very successful project that brought about brilliant innovations, demonstrators and supported machining SMEs across North West Europe. Pascal Pollet, the Project Coordinator from Sirris said:

“After 4 years of hard work, the Machining4.0 project is coming to an end. The project helped more than 500 SMEs to acquire knowledge on innovative machining and directly supported almost 50 SMEs with the adoption of novel technologies. The demonstrator labs that were built during the project will remain open for the public, and the consortium partners will still be available after the closure of the project to support the machining industry.”

The project partners produced a series of technology sheets, which provide detailed information on various advanced manufacturing technologies that can be used in the machining industry. These technology sheets cover a wide range of topics, including precision machining, automation, machine learning, digitalisation, and Industry 4.0 technologies. They also provide information on the benefits and limitations of each technology, as well as case studies and examples of how they have been implemented in different industrial settings. Overall, these technology sheets serve as a valuable resource for companies and organizations in the machining industry looking to adopt new technologies and improve their competitiveness.

“We used a Machining 4.0 Voucher with IMR recently to investigate an ongoing issue we were having with material distortion on a family of parts that we manufacture, that went through a number of processes. Along with the distortion issue, we also required to try minimise the number of processes involved, with regard to time, costs and the possible implications of Covid. The research that IMR carried out and the expertise that was shared, has been a huge help in solving these issues and food for thought on how we process similar parts in the future.”

– Patrick Coldrick, Sales/Business Development Manager, Mann Engineering

The project received a number of testimonials from companies and organizations that participated in the project or that have worked with the partner companies. These testimonials highlight the benefits and impact of the project on the participating companies. Some of the benefits mentioned include increased efficiency and productivity, improved quality of products, and increased competitiveness in the market. The testimonials also highlight the importance of the project in providing a platform for companies to share knowledge and best practices, as well as the value of the support and guidance provided by the project team. Overall, the testimonials demonstrate the positive impact of the Interreg NWE Machining 4.0 project on the participating companies and the wider machining industry.

The Interreg NWE Machining 4.0 project partners also provided virtual tours of their lab facilities, which can be found on the project’s website. These virtual tours give an overview of the state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and facilities available at each partner’s lab. The virtual tours provide a glimpse of the research and development work being carried out by the partners and the level of expertise they possess in the field of advanced manufacturing and machining.