Machining 4.0 Vouchers used to Investigate Part Distortion

Machining 4.0 Vouchers used to Investigate Part Distortion


Through the Interreg North West Europe Machining 4.0 voucher mechanism,  IMR’s Design for Manufacture team have recently completed a project with one of their partner companies, Mann Engineering.

The challenge focused on part distortion during the machining process. Currently, the part is produced in multiple steps due to part distortion making automation of the manufacturing process difficult. IMR’s team took on the challenge, reviewed the component and suggested utilizing the recently supplied Mills Doosan Puma 2600SY multitasking machine with inbuilt probing system to measure and compensate for the distortion.

Not only were they successful in measuring and compensating for the distortion, but they also demonstrated the impact of applying a completely different approach to machining such components and how they can be successfully automated reducing cost per unit.  

“We used IMR recently to investigate an ongoing issue we were having with material distortion on a family of parts that we manufacture, that went through a number of processes. Along with the distortion issue, we also required to try minimise the number of processes involved, with regard to time, costs and the possible implications of Covid. The research that IMR carried out and the expertise that was shared, has been a huge help in solving these issues and food for thought on how we process similar parts in the future.” 

Patrick Coldrick, Sales/Business Development Manager at Mann Engineering

IMR would like to thank their industry partners Mills CNC, Hainbuch, Flatley OSG, MTT and Hardmetal.