IMR delighted to welcome 3D Technology Ltd

IMR delighted to welcome 3D Technology Ltd

IMR Welcome 3D Technologies as New Members

Press Release – 03/03/2021 

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is delighted to welcome 3D Technology Ltd as their newest Silver Tier Member.  Through the partnership with 3D Technology, IMR will host and run a Markforged Metal X system in the Mullingar Facility.

Sean McConnell, Senior Technologist at IMR notes, “Having been in contact with and working with 3D Technologies for the last number of years, I’m delighted to say we have been able to begin working together on a very interesting technology that is a first for us and for Ireland. The technology in question will allow us to work on some very novel product designs and develop solutions for industry.”

Sean continues, “3D Technology joining IMR as a silver Tier member means that we can work collaboratively on leveraging this process for integration into existing manufacturing facilities. The process lends itself to a number of research questions and opportunities such as the ability to print Inconel  and Copper in a safe manner, and to optimise the design and sintering process.”

James Wall, Director at 3D Technology Ltd, explains, “It was a great experience to work with Micheal Cassidy, Sean McConnell and the team at Irish Manufacturing Research. This Metal X 3D printer will help continue the IMR’s great work, and we look forward to continuing our Silver Tiered Partnership into the future”

The equipment provided includes:

Metal X Printer:

This printer works on a Metal FFF principle which uses a filament material to produce a near-net shape. The Metal X printer uses metal-bound filament inside a heated chamber to produce what is considered ‘green’ components. These components are printed in 50 to 150-micron layer heights inside a build chamber that is 300mm wide, 220mm deep, and 180mm high. The print bed comes with features such as being heated, auto-leveling and replaceable print sheets.

‘Green’ parts are then taken from the print bed and placed into Wash-1 station to have the binding agent removed through a wash cycle. The part, once removed, is now called a ‘brown’ part.

The ‘Brown’ parts are then taken and placed into the Sinter-2 furnace. It is then fired under an Argon mix that allows the part to sinter to the final shape in temperatures up to 1300 degrees Celsius. This system is capable to process materials such as 17-4PH, A2/D2 Tool steels, Inconel 625, Copper and H13 tool steel.


About IMR


Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is a leading manufacturing Research and Technology Organisation with labs and industrial pilot lines in Dublin and Mullingar, Ireland.  IMR works with leading global and indigenous brands to demystify, and derisk new and emerging technologies and to deliver high impact collaborative research to enable global leadership in advanced manufacturing.  IMR has over 60 researchers with 100’s years of combined Industry Expertise working in areas such as 3D printing, Data Analytics, Knowledge Management, Sustainable Manufacturing, Advanced Robotics and the Industrial Internet of Things.  IMR activities span national and European research collaborations, prototyping services, training, and Industry networks.  Through their Industry 4.0 Pilot Factory in Mullingar, IMR are enabling manufacturing companies and equipment providers to explore the art of the possible hands-on. 

About 3D Technology


3D Technology Ltd. is Ireland’s leading supplier of additive manufacturing solutions. Based in Galway City, 3D Technology offers a range of 3D printing solutions including the sale of 3D printers, 3D Scanners, on-demand manufacturing, reverse engineering services, software and design services.

3D Technology Ltd. is an Official Partner of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers including 3D Systems, Markforged, Robox and Shining 3D and has supplied a wide range of cutting-edge 3D printers to a broad range of Ireland’s leading companies. 3D Technology Ltd. has also recently developed a proprietary new high-performance large-format polymer 3D printer in-house named the LF3DT.

3D Technology Ltd. set up a medical modeling division in 2018 called MedScan3D, which has established itself as a leading supplier of 3D printed anatomical models, used for a variety of applications including surgical planning, medical device development and education.