At IMR, we revel in a culture of learning by doing. Our pilot factory in Mullingar is a workshop for inventing the future, helping demystify, derisk and deliver emerging technologies for business results. We build learning programs to continuing professional development standards, CPD, and strive for lasting impact with signature courses like Innovation through Robotics that emphasize the necessary digital blend for learning, with the richness of human research interaction. Through practical, accredited learning courses, such as, IIoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Manufacturing, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing, IMR offers participants thought leadership in a virtual world, with critical thinking in the real world, delivering analytical rigor with curiosity, playful imagination, and an appetite for new knowledge to ensure you increase your chances of success at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing.

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IMRs test bed, pilot factory lab visit experience in week 3 of Innovation through Robotics, lays the foundation for inclusion into a module in ATU Sligo’s Mechatronics Level 7 Degree program, certifying students with a digital badge on completion of the, hands on, experiential learning robotics experience.


IMR’s blended Innovation through Robotics course has won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Bronze award for excellence in the “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training” category. It was also recognised and listed as a finalist for Best Digital Learning Initiative by the Irish Institute of Training & Development at the IITD National Training Awards which are recognised as the benchmark of excellence in the L&D community.

Robotic Arm

Innovation through Robotics

Course Duration: 4 Weeks | 37 Hours CPD

Throughout this signature course you will be supported by IMRs expert instructors in putting together an innovation approach, specific to your business. The course is intended for anyone planning their automation strategy and interested in understanding and using Robots; it covers the core concepts plus state-of-the-art approaches, planning and evaluating robotics, plus outlining the pitfalls involved.

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Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things

Course Duration: 1 Day | 8.5 Hours CPD

In this course, Mike Hibbett – a veteran of IIoT hardware design provides a broad, un-biased introductory overview of Industrial Internet of Things, the hype, acronyms, pitfalls and challenges. It is for manufacturing process engineers and project managers who will learn about how sensors communicate, the role of security ‘sensing’ and types of suitable/problematic environments, as well as understanding and potentially employing IIoT technologies.

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Data Visualisation Course Thumbnail

Data Visualisation in Manufacturing

Course Duration: 1 Day | 6.5 Hours CPD

The course will present data visualisation at a glance, with a practical hands-on module (using a data visualisation software). At the end of this course, we expect the audience to be able to know, understand and be familiar with: The historical perspective of Data Visualisation; The value that Data Visualisation offers to analytics;  What makes a good design for data representation; The common mistakes to avoid; Several common software packages; How to perform basic data visualisation with Tableau.

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Information And Application of Data Capture and Analysis Image

Information and Application of Data Capture and Analysis

Course Duration: 1 Day | 6.5 Hours CPD

With increasing amounts of data and IIoT technology becoming more and more available, the potential positive impact to companies is more achievable than ever. However, understanding how to identify potential opportunities from this data is difficult if people have not been exposed to data analytics before. The aim of this course is to introduce the basics of information use, data acquisition, data analysis, available tools and common pitfalls.

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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Course Duration: Various

IMR will offer a range of GD&T courses including Level 1 and 2 Geometrical Tolerancing to BS 8888 & ISO standards and Level 1 & 2 to AMSE Y14.5 . These courses cover the fundamental concepts of geometrical tolerancing and its application and interpretation. They are suitable for anyone who is familiar with the conventions of engineering drawing and limit (or ±) tolerances on dimensions, and are relevant to anyone who has to produce or interpret mechanical engineering specifications.

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HyperMill Training at IMR


Course Duration: Various

Irish Manufacturing Research has teamed up with experts at OPEN MIND to convey in-depth app­li­ca­ti­on knowledge and practice-oriented information, so that you can use hyperMILL® and hyperCAD®-S effectively in your everyday work and achieve optimum results. IMR are offering a range of hyperMILL courses including beginner and intermediate 3-axis, 5-axis milling and Turning programming.

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CNC Training Thumbnail

CNC Training

Course Duration: 3 days

Irish Manufacturing Research has teamed up with the prestigious Mill Training Academy to make their high-quality, professionally-delivered and competitively-priced CNC Programmer and Operator training courses available to Industry in Ireland.

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Machine Learning

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Manufacturing

Course Duration: 1 Day | 8.5 Hours CPD

In this course Dr Carlos García Santiago is the Senior Analytics Technologist at IMR. He has 20 years of experience working on AI and data analytics applied to railways, renewable energy, stock market and manufacturing. By training, he is an Industrial Engineer, with a PhD on the application of evolutionary algorithms for manufacturing.

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Battery MBA Thumbnail

Battery MBA

Online, bespoke, and impactful: Battery MBA is a global training course for aspiring battery experts who want to (1) understand pressing issues in the battery space; (2) increase their technical and market-driven knowledge of battery-relevant topics; and (3) grow their network of battery experts. The 12-week online programme combines live online lectures, networking events with battery specialists, access to past lecture recordings, small group discussions, presentations, and battery-focused case study analyses.

Introduction into UX in Manufacturing

Course Duration: 1 Day | 6.5 Hours CPD

This course is designed to introduce participants to User Experience (UX) research and design, in general and specifically to manufacturing. The fundamentals of Design Thinking are also covered. All learnings will be applied in a practical workshop, wherein solutions to UX challenges in manufacturing will be explored.


MTC Courses

IMR are strategic partners with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in the UK. This partnership adds real value to our areas of research and development and aims to increase research, technology and skills transfer between the UK and Ireland. By sharing our resources, we are also pleased to enable our networks to access an even more extensive training portfolio, supporting business improvements both now and in the future.

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