Intense CNC Operator Training at IMR

Mill CNC Training

Intense CNC Operator Training at IMR

IMR in conjunction with the well renowned Mills Training Academy to deliver three days of intense CNC operator training at IMR’s campus in Mullingar. The selected course was “Beginners CNC Programming Lathes with Fanuc Controls – Turning” and six companies partook with a maximum of eight people on the course.

The training covered topics such as:
• Introduction and review of a lathe and its layout
• General safety and best-practice instruction
• Overview of codes used in programming – i.e – G Codes, M Codes
• Understanding CNC programs – structure and content
• Explanation of 1st and 2nd Reference Point Returns
• Programming with absolute and incremental values
• Calling up tools with geometry & radius offsets
• Tool nose radius compensation & vector quadrants
• Rapid traverse and other feed-rate commands i.e. mm/rev & mm/min.
• Creating simple programs using simulation – and how to edit them
• Using multi repetitive cycles – G70~G76
• Writing extended programs to also include subprograms & subroutines

CNC Operator Training Feedback

“I would have known what to do on my machine but now I fully understand what it’s is actually doing and why”

“I will be able to use my machine better and more efficiently”

“I now feel more confident to set commands into the machine by myself rather than asking someone for help”

This course was also part-funded by Cobotics Skillnet and it is intended for this type of training to be ongoing through IMR. If you are interested in this course or any other CNC operator training please contact