Robotics Capability Maturity Model Launch

Robotics Capability Maturity Model Launch



The National Robotics Executive Committee launches the Robotics Capability Maturity Model (R-CMM)

The National Robotics Executive Committee is an initiative launched in January 2019 aiming for manufacturers and technology providers to steer robotics & automation projects directly in line with relevant industrial challenges. Previous projects carried out via this initiative include the Intelligent Production platform, the Fully Collaborative Demonstrator, a Highly reflective & complex-shape part vision studio, and the Automation Assessment Tool, among others.

The latest project developed through the National Robotics Executive Committee is a Capability Maturity Model webtool allowing manufacturers to identify, through the Robotics & Automation prism, the level of maturity of their organisation and of their direct competitors.

Robotics & Automation are a key enabling technology to achieve agility & reactivity to changes but manufacturing companies struggle to assess the readiness of their site and where they are positioned relative to their industry.

The Robotics Capability Maturity Model (R-CMM) was developed to assist manufacturing companies in understanding their Robotics & Automation maturity status to help guide them in the development of their roadmap.


The R-CMM is designed for all manufacturing managers seeking guidance around the Robotics & Automation maturity status of their organisation so as to start plotting a course toward their goals. The tool was developed & validated in partnership with the Robotics Executive Committee.

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