Water Sectoral Guide Launched

Water Sectoral Guide showcased by Ana Santos and Eva McEnnis at Water Expo

Water Sectoral Guide Launched

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) proudly announces the release of the “Towards a Circular Economy of Water in Ireland”  water sectoral guide, the ninth instalment in a series of best practice guides published by CIRCULÉIRE, Ireland’s National Platform for Circular Manufacturing. The announcement coincided with a presentation by Ana Santos, IMR’s Water Technologist at the All Ireland Waste Water Expo held on November 23rd at Leopardstown Race Course. Ana showcased the water sectoral guide, summarising its top five recommendations for the sector.

Ana Santos speaking at the All Ireland Water Waste Expo

Understanding the Water Challenge

As highlighted in the United Nations World Water Development Report, global water use has surged sixfold in the last century, with a potential 40% shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030. IMR recognises the urgency of addressing this challenge and explores strategies through a systems-thinking approach. The guide aims to contribute to a 50% reduction in industrial water consumption.


Circular Economy of Water (CEW)

Co-authored by Ana Santos, Geraldine Brennan, and Paul Mc Cormack Cooney, the guide is tailored for industrial sectors, potential project funders, and policymakers involved in water utilisation in Ireland. It offers an overview of Circular Economy of Water strategies, aiming to encourage their replication and adoption across industries. For policymakers, the guide emphasises key policy enablers supporting CEW in Europe and Ireland and underscores the importance of industry participation in the policy process.


Highlighting Best Practices

The report delves into the Circular Economy of Water in Ireland and abroad, spotlighting best practices in water usage across high-impact sectors such as Food, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, and Microelectronics. Case studies from Nestle, Wyeth, Mercedes, Nissan, Astra Zeneca, L’Oreal, P&G, and Intel showcase innovations, barriers, and lessons learned. The report delivers five key recommendations aimed at advancing CEW in Ireland.


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