Sean O’Reagain visits IMR

Sean O’Reagain visits IMR

Sean O'Reagain visit to IMR(Left to right): John Enright, Niamh Malone, David Keeley, David McCormack, Sean O’Reagain, Micheal Cassidy, Kevin Fraser, Sergio Ceballos, Court Edmondson, Fearghal O’Hare, Colin Meade

Deputy Head of Industry 5.0 for the European Commission, Sean O’Reagain recently visited Irish Manufacturing Research’s (IMR) Mullingar facilities. With a rich background in Industry 5.0 development and adoption, O’Reagain’s visit was highly anticipated, shedding light on the human-centric and resilient approach to industry digitalisation.

Upon arrival, O’Reagain was warmly welcomed and guided through the state-of-the-art facilities by IMR’s Chief Technology Officer, Micheal Cassidy. The tour showcased IMR’s cutting-edge capabilities in various domains, including Additive Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, IIoT, Digitisation, Robotics and Automation, Data Analytics, Software, and Sustainable Manufacturing.

Also in attendance was Sergio Ceballos, the National Delegate for Horizon Europe – Digital, Industry, and Space at Enterprise Ireland. Ceballos’ presence underscored the significance of the visit and the collaborative spirit between various industry stakeholders.

Sean O’Reagain has been at the forefront of Industry 5.0, championing a sustainable and human-centric approach to digitalisation in the industry. His leadership journey includes managing the first public-private partnership in research and innovation at the European level through the Joint Technology Initiatives. Furthermore, he has overseen the Industrial Technologies program under the Horizon 2020 European Framework for Research and Innovation.

Before his contributions at the European Commission, O’Reagain held pivotal management roles with Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Industrial Development Agency. His extensive experience and visionary leadership have significantly impacted competitiveness and innovation initiatives at the European Commission.

Sean O’Reagain’s visit to the IMR facilities in Mullingar was insightful for all attendees. His commitment to developing and adopting Industry 5.0 reflects a future where technology and humanity coalesce to create sustainable and resilient industries. The exchange of knowledge and ideas during the visit has undoubtedly sown the seeds for future collaboration and innovation between IMR and other industry leaders.