Defect Data Heatmaps and Analytics: Achieving Zero-Scrap Manufacturing

Defect Data Heatmaps and Analytics: Achieving Zero-Scrap Manufacturing

Are you looking for a way to reduce scrap rates, improve product quality, and increase profitability in your manufacturing organisation? This webinar introduces a software application to help you achieve these goals.


The Core Challenges

As the presentation revealed, Irish manufacturing companies, particularly in the low volume high-value sector, face significant hurdles. These include the lack of structured digitised defect records, high initial costs for training and system configuration, limited data visibility, and a lack of advanced automated data analytics capabilities. These problems, distilled from feedback from a diverse range of companies, underline the urgent need for sophisticated data handling and analysis tools in the manufacturing sector.


The Quantic Solution

The Quantic Data Defect project, partly funded by Enterprise Ireland IPP and spanning 18 months, started in February 2022 and aimed to address these challenges through a series of work packages.

A key component of the solution was the development of a highly customisable application integrated with an analytics tool.

Quantic is a software application, designed to enable and empower companies to capture, understand and generate business value from their manufacturing process defect data.

Quantic simplifies the process of capturing manufacturing defect data and applies generalised and advanced analytics to identify anomalous trends and facilitate targeted quality improvements.


Impactful Outcomes

The Quantic system’s impact on companies has been extremely successful to date. In one company, the implementation of the Quantic system is expected to create €315,000 worth of additional employment per annum and reduce defect rates, rework turnaround, and scrap rates, amounting to savings of about €180,000 per annum.

Another company is anticipated to create additional employment worth €120,000 per annum and increase revenue through enhanced manufacturing capacity by approximately €2,340,000 per annum.

The Quantic Webinar by IMR successfully showcased how targeted data analysis and management solutions could significantly impact the manufacturing sector. By addressing core challenges with tailored solutions, the Quantic Defect Analytics system sets a precedent for innovation and efficiency in Irish manufacturing.


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Presenter: Darragh McShane, Project Manager at IMR

Darragh is the Project Manager for the Software Engineering team in IMR, responsible for leading a range of projects across areas such as VR/AR applications and web-based app developments. Darragh has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, with a highly successful track record in the delivery and management of enterprise projects and a history of achieving results across the procurement, telecommunications, aviation and healthcare industries.

Before joining IMR, Darragh was a freelance project manager assisting clients to successfully deliver several AI-based web development projects in the procurement and logistics space. Darragh also spent 11 years working as a Project Manager in the Telecommunications hardware development space, in which he was tasked with the development and delivery of low to medium-power LTE small cells to a range of OEM and Tier 1 clients.

The Quantic project was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under Ireland’s European Structural and Investment Funds Programme 2014-2020.