For Irish companies considering Robotics?

For Irish companies considering Robotics?

There will be DIH² Robot Days happening all across Europe right now! Join the Irish effort and secure funding for your robotics project. Places are limited and time is running out so get your ticket today!

Registrations are now open for our Local Robot Day “Irish SMEs Accelerating Production Through Robotics” on the 4th October in Mullingar. Enjoy the opportunity to network with your ecosystem; access robotic demonstrators and workshops; or secure a 1-to-1 confidential funding clinic for your business.   DIH2 has funding to the value of  €248,000 and FREE expert technical support

Robotics in Manufacturing

Robotics and automation are key tools to transform the manufacturing agility and competitiveness of SMEs and drive economic growth across the island of Ireland and the European Union. Only a few innovative manufacturing projects can do without robotics today. While robotics is increasingly being promoted in manufacturing plants, many SMEs face the dilemma of value vs investment in their path to robotics implementation.

About DIH² Robot Day

The Irish DIH² Robot Day at IMR aims to facilitate the connections in your local ecosystems that will enable agile production in your factories. Throughout the event, there will be a focus on agile robotics and comprehensive information on the use of robotics in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

  • We will provide you with hands-on support with funding and technical support opportunities available direct to your company.
  • Major robotic companies and technology providers will be available to you and present use-cases of concrete implementations and practical best practices.
  • We will facilitate the connections in your local ecosystems that will enable agile production in your factory.


DIH² Open Call Process:

The aim of the open call is to increase the uptake and integration of robotics technologies in European SMEs and to contribute to the development of a digital platform for connected factories (COPRA-AP). There are 2 stages involved with the open call:

  • A 1st stage where you register your interest and provide information about your company (should take 30 minutes or less)
  • Upon selection, you will receive a mini-grant of €1000 to participate in a brokerage event in IMR in December to form the consortia that will apply to the 2nd stage.
  • The 2nd stage application is a description of the work to be carried out during the 10-month project and the expected impact, as well as the ROSE-AP to be developed by Technology provider / ISV / System Integrator (details below) to receive up to €248,000 in equity-free funding.


Your DIH² project will be over a 10-month period divided into 3 elements:


  • 1 Technology Transfer Program (TTP) (Duration: 8 months): up to €200,000 equity-free as a lump sum:
  • The TTE will be developed in either IMR’s, the technology provider(s)’s or your facilities and the consortium will get engineering support. The expected result will be a Demonstrator validated in a realistic environment (TRL 6) or even a Prototype (TRL 7). In this stage, you will define your roadmap for implementing the full solution in your production and indicate the key steps for the next five to ten years.
  • 1 IP&ELS Services (duration: depending on the need)


€6,000 voucher per TTE:

  • Support on solving specific issues related to ethical, legal and socio-economic (ELSE) matters
  • 1 ROSE-AP Stage (Robotic-based Open Standard Enablers) (Duration: 2 months)


€30,000 per consortium:

  • DIH² offers a reference system architecture that enables SMEs to step into Industry 4.0 without large-scale changes in their current production equipment. This Common Open Platform Reference Architecture for Agile Production (COPRA-AP) allows the integration of heterogeneous systems, robots, automation equipment and sensors under a common platform.
  • The Technology Providers – with the support of the network – will participate in the standardization and commercialization of the components of the common platform (ROSE-AP) developed as a result of the TTEs. COPRA-AP will incorporate these components for their reusability.


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