EU Circular Economy Strategy Central to COVID-19 Recovery

EU Circular Economy Strategy Central to COVID-19 Recovery

Industry Policy Summary explores 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP 2.0) implications for Ireland Inc.


Between 2016-2020, the European Commission (EC) has stepped up its’ efforts to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by dedicating over €10 billion in public funding. Further investment in a circular economy is key to the EU’s COVID-19 recovery (see EU recovery roadmap 21/04/2020). Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President, has reiterated that the COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to rebuild our economies and make them more resilient through implementing green and digital technologies and capacities (Euroactiv, 2020).

What does this mean for Ireland Inc.? In this Policy Summary, created by CIRCULÉIRE – the National Platform for Circular Economy, gain insights into:

    • 1) Evolution of the EU Circular Economy strategy from 2015-2020 and centrality to Europe’s COVID-19 recovery roadmap;
    • 2) 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP 2.0) – new measures which seek to, by 2030, reduce the EU consumption footprint, double the EU’s circular material use rate while boosting economic growth; and
    • 3) Implications of CEAP 2.0 and circular opportunities for Ireland as part of COVID-19 recovery.


To learn more download the CIRCULÉIRE 2020 CEAP 2.0 Industry Policy Summary.