IMR & Kingsbury Machining Workshop

IMR & Kingsbury Machining Workshop

Over 80 companies from around Ireland attended the Kingsbury High-Performance Hard Metal Machining Workshop over 2 days from areas such as precision engineering, aerospace and medical.

This workshop was an excellent opportunity for these SME’s and MNC’s from around Ireland to come together and get first-hand demonstrations and experience and learn from world-renowned leaders in the machining industry.

Who was Involved in the Kinsbury Machining Workshop?

This machining workshop was a Kingsbury event hosted by Irish Manufacturing Research and was focussed around the Hermle C42 machining Centre with support from:

  • Renishaw
  • LANG Technik
  • MTD Precision Engineering
  • Flately Engineering
  • Machining 4.0

What’s been said:

Phil Crawley, General Manager, Haimer UK:

“Haimer UK were delighted to be part of the recent event in conjunction with Kingsbury’s.  As a partner of the IMR, it was an ideal event to showcase our technology alongside great machine tools.The event was so well attended and professionally organised. Special thanks go to the IMR for the hosting. We would not hesitate to run this sort of event again, given the great attendance from all the customers in Ireland”

IMR’s Sean McConnell said:

“This event is what Irish industry needs to get people together and talking about how the industry is changing and the new trends in technology that offer solutions and opportunities to Irish companies looking to grow and thrive in emerging markets. As Ireland produces more and more precision components into highly regulated markets it is important that we come together and address the challenges that we all face. As such I’m delighted to be a part of this in some small way and know that together we can keep Ireland at the forefront of machining technologies and winning business of the back of proving our capabilities.” 

It was a huge feat for IMR to get all these prestigious companies to come together in the National Science Park in Mullingar for these two days and share their experience and knowledge with Irish companies and it was great to see so many of the Irish companies taking advantage of this great opportunity as they look to stay competitive in hard metal high-end machining.

Noel Bracken, Commercial Manager at MTD Precision Engineering

“To achieve Machining Excellence / Best in Class one must have all aspects of the Machining Strategy Selected correctly.Use the Best Machine Tool, Best  Workholding, Best Cutting Tools & Cutting Tool set up, Best most accurate Measurement. Kingsbury demonstrated this extremely well during the machining trial demo at IMR using their Hermle C42 machine kitted out with Langworkholding, using tooling from Heimer and Flatleys and measured / verified by Renishaw.  “No weak link in this machining excellence chain

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