IMR Unites Industry Leaders for Industry Members Network Event

IMR Unites Industry Leaders for Industry Members Network Event

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) recently held its highly anticipated Industry Members Network Event on April 27th, 2023, at their Mullingar facility. The event brought together industry thought leaders, educators, innovators, and pioneers to explore the maturity of Industry 4.0 within the Irish market.

IMR leveraged its extensive Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessments to shape the event’s agenda. With over 40 SIRI assessments, IMR conducted an in-depth analysis of the Irish manufacturing industry, focusing on areas such as process, technology, and organisation. This data provided valuable insights into the key challenges facing Irish-based manufacturing and their impact on productivity, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and workforce development.

The event’s agenda was meticulously designed, featuring prominent industry leaders who shared their experiences and led workshops alongside IMR experts. These workshops fostered discussions, generated innovative ideas, and addressed common challenges faced by organisations in the manufacturing sector.

Session 1: Strategy & Governance

IMNE Session 1

The event was divided into three sessions, each covering a specific theme. Session 1, focused on Strategy & Governance, included talks by Paula Downey from CultureWork, Merete Nørby from MADE, and Sam Turner from the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC). These thought leaders discussed the importance of mindset shifts, digital transformation roadmaps, and building manufacturing innovation ecosystems.

Session 2: Shop-floor Connectivity & Vertical Integration

Session 2, centered on Shop-floor Connectivity & Vertical Integration, featured engaging presentations by Joe Keating from The Information Lab, Elizabeth Rumsey from Vodafone Business, and Nathaniel Hofmann from Machine Vision and Measurement. They explored topics such as driving factory performance through data visualisation, leveraging industrial IoT and 5G for shop-floor connectivity, and enhancing factory KPIs through computer vision and AI.

Session 3: Workforce Learning & Development

Session 3, dedicated to Workforce Learning & Development, included talks by Francesca Zanolla from the World Economic Forum, Stefanie Pressl from Quality Training Systems (QTS), and Charlotte Swain from MTC Training. They delved into  attracting and retaining the right talent, building skill-centric organisations, and the importance of lifelong learning for fostering innovation.

In addition to the insightful sessions, IMR’s members who are service providers had the opportunity to showcase and exhibit their offerings, highlighting the diverse expertise available within the network. IMR also provided demonstrations of some of the centre’s ongoing work, showcasing their cutting-edge projects and initiatives.

The event received an overwhelming positive response, with over 70 members of Irish Manufacturing Research in attendance. Participants appreciated the knowledge shared, the interactive workshops, and the networking opportunities.

For those interested in becoming members and attending future events, IMR encourages them to reach out by emailing The next Industry Members Network Event is scheduled for November, promising another exciting and insightful day in IMR.