IMR Team up with Mills Training Academy

Mill CNC Training Ireland

IMR Team up with Mills Training Academy

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is delighted to announce that it is teaming up with the prestigious Mills Training Academy and will now be able to offer high-quality, professionally-delivered and competitively-priced CNC Programmer and Operator training courses in Mullingar.

This comes as welcome news for precision engineering companies in Ireland who in the past had to send their machine operators and programmers over to The Mills CNC Technology Campus in Leamington in the UK to avail of these best-in-class CNC training courses.

Mill CNC Training Academy was created in 2010 and has trained over 2000 individuals looking for best-in-class CNC Programmer Operator and Machine Tool Maintenance training.

For Doosan machine tool users, and for component manufacturers with Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens-controlled machines – this training will provide a range of courses all designed to help you get the most and the best from your machine tools and, in doing so, improve your productivity, performance and profitability.

This training offering is perfect for adults, unemployed or employed, looking to acquire much sought-after industry-relevant skills for a career in engineering.


Mill CNC Training Pilot MullingarSuccessful Pilot CNC Course in November

This announcement comes off the back of a successful pilot course delivered in Mullingar in November. 8 participants from 6 Irish Precision Engineering companies partook in a 3-day course “Beginners CNC Programming Lathes with Fanuc Controls – Turning” and it received positive feedback and demand for more.

“I would have known what to do on my machine but now I fully understand what it’s is actually doing and why”, DFP Engineering

“I will be able to use my machine better and more efficiently”, Shannon Precision Engineering

“I now feel more confident to set commands into the machine by myself rather than asking someone for help”, Takumi Precision Engineering

What courses are available?

IMR’s offering will include 4 Mill Training Academy courses and will update a few times in the year. The first 4 courses that are on offer include:

  1. Basic 2 Axis (X & Z) Turning Course covering the Fanuc Control with ISO Codes.
  2. Advanced 4 Axis Turning Course covering the C & Y only on a Fanuc Control with ISO Codes & NC Guide (Manual Guide) included as well.
  3. Basic 3 Axis (X , Y & Z) Milling Course covering the Fanuc Control with ISO Codes.
  4. Advanced 4 Axis Milling Course covering the X, Y, Z and additional 4th Axis ( A or B) only on a Fanuc Control with ISO Codes for the use of 4th Axis & NC Guide (Manual Guide) included covering the Standard X, Y, Z & 4th Axis programming as well.
Is there funding available?

Your company may qualify for partial funding.