XR Adopt Project Update

XR Adopt Project Update

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XR Adopt: State-of-the-Art Report #2 Released

The XR Adopt project is currently in full swing. The team released their State-of-the-Art (SOA) Report #2 on the 29th of April last. This particular SOA document represents the second in a series of five documents. It is intended to build on the solid foundations laid down in the first report. Throughout the course of this document, the reader is presented with a range of XR-based case studies chosen to represent the pinnacle of potential within their field.

The case studies are presented across a spectrum ranging from those with the highest guidance (such as training applications) to more autonomous collaborative or data visualisation applications. From this selection, it is hoped that the reader will gain an insight into some of the real-world XR success stories in their preferred field and can hopefully use this insight to target similar successes within their own organisation.

In the meantime, the team is heavily engaged with consortium members to close out on facility requirements and evaluation. They are moving forward with the development of support documentation for consortium members. These support documents include XR Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines for User Safety and User Adoption. Plenty of exciting XR-based developments in store so watch this space!

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