XR Adopt


Massive advancements have been made in digital displays, image processing, motion detection, machine vision and object tracking. All these combined technical advancements have resulted in the development of multiple, widely capable and accurate XR setups, at a fraction of the historical cost.


The XR community of digital creators and potential users has also grown at an exponential rate. The result is the creation of multiple software and hardware providers, a much larger market, new investment, and largely simplified software development pipelines.


A company faces multiple challenges adopting XR technology. In a rapidly changing landscape of providers joining and leaving the space, constant hardware and software iterations and unproven endors at corporate or enterprise level, companies do not have the resources to evaluate many of these options nor gain experience to make informed decisions.


Despite the above, XR technology has proven to offer huge value across a wide range of use cases. XR-Adopt is a collaboration of 10 companies, each sharing challenging use cases that XR offers a cost effective solution to. The outcomes are applicable to a significant proportion of Irish industry.


XR Adopt will develop and test solutions to the technology, safety, user adoption and integration challenges our partners face when adopting XR technology.