Advancing Precision Engineering – Introducing Global S CMM

Hexagon CMM

Advancing Precision Engineering – Introducing Global S CMM

In an exciting development in precision manufacturing, Hexagons and Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) have announced the successful commissioning of their first-ever Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) – a cutting-edge Global S system. This is a great advancement to IMR’s capabilities and is intended to support IMR in demonstrating advances in part inspection where high throughput and high tolerance levels are required across multiple sectors.

The Global S is more than just a standard CMM; it is equipped with an array of innovative features that promise to elevate manufacturing standards. Its functionalities include full tactile and laser 3D scanning capabilities, and automatic probe head changing capabilities, among many others, designed to increase efficiency, precision, and quality control.

As the manufacturing landscape becomes increasingly sophisticated, detailed inspection of precision-engineered components is vital. Recognising this, the Global S CMM is already supporting manufacturing projects at IMR. The machine’s primary role is to ensure the accurate inspection of components, which is fundamental in maintaining the superior quality and reliability that manufacturers and their clients have come to expect.

But the vision for Global S extends beyond its current role. IMR anticipates that the CMM will soon be instrumental in expanding their successful precision engineering training programs. This development is part of a broader effort by IMR to offer training in metrology and CMM operations, equipping a new generation of engineers with the skills they need to thrive in a high-tech manufacturing environment.

“The partnership with Hexagons and introducing the Global S CMM underscores our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the manufacturing industry,” said Chris Judge, Head of Machining Technologies at IMR. “We believe this advanced system will not only enhance our current operations but also pave the way for advancements in precision engineering training.”

Paul O’Neill, CMM Product Manager, Ireland, on behalf of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, said, “Hexagon has had a long commitment to the Irish market and adding this facility can only benefit our wide range of customers throughout the country.”

This development offers a potential solution for manufacturers grappling with the complex challenge of part inspection. IMR invites interested parties to reach out and explore how the Global S CMM and its team of experts could help them overcome their obstacles and improve their manufacturing processes.

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