IMR and ATU sign MOU on Partnership

ATU sign MOU with IMR

IMR and ATU sign MOU on Partnership

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with Atlantic Technological University (ATU), marking a significant step forward in the field of education and technology research. This partnership between IMR and ATU will facilitate cooperation and knowledge sharing, ultimately driving advancements in Irish manufacturing for a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economically robust industry.

The shared vision between IMR and ATU is focused on upskilling the industry and embracing emerging technologies that are revolutionising the manufacturing sector. Dr. Chris O’Malley, Vice President of Regional Development & Engagement at ATU, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “IMR shares with ATU the mission of supporting industry in upskilling and taking on board the rapidly emerging new technologies sweeping across the manufacturing sector, to make Irish manufacturing more sustainable, environmentally and economically. We look forward to sharing our expertise and facilities to move our collaboration to this end to a new level.”

Micheal Cassidy, CTO of IMR, warmly welcomed the partnership, emphasising the potential for extensive collaboration. He stated, “IMR is delighted to extend our strategic collaboration with ATU. Through this partnership, we will develop deep collaborative links to support the Irish manufacturing industry across the full research and development lifecycle. We look forward to enhancing capabilities for the industry in areas such as robotics, digitisation, and AI, through the co-development of technology and skills. The partnership will also help build links into European networks and funding opportunities for industry partners into next-generation manufacturing technologies.”

The benefits of this partnership are far-reaching. It will enable the alignment of research roadmaps at various stages, ensuring greater access, impact, and pass-through of research findings. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to engage in exchanges and development programs, exposing them to the practical implementation challenges associated with advanced technologies. Collaborative research applications will also strengthen Ireland’s position within the European manufacturing landscape.

ATU, as one of the largest multi-campus universities on the island, serves a diverse range of learners, staff, communities, and organizations. ATU’s collaborative approach ensures the delivery of practice-oriented study and research, addressing the significant challenges faced by society and the world. The university is committed to enabling sustainable economic, social, and cultural development.

This partnership between IMR and ATU holds tremendous potential, combining expertise, infrastructure, and a shared commitment to advancement. It will shape the future of manufacturing by driving innovation, fostering sustainable growth, and positioning Ireland as a key player in the European manufacturing arena.