IMR & Starrag announce Strategic Partnership

Starrag Partnership

IMR & Starrag announce Strategic Partnership

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is thrilled to announce that Starrag, a global technology leader in high-precision machine tools, has joined IMR as a Strategic Partner. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing precision engineering technology in Ireland.

Renowned for its expertise in manufacturing milling, turning, boring, and grinding machine tools for metallic, composite, and ceramic materials, Starrag Group serves a diverse range of internationally active customers in the Aerospace, Energy, Industrial, Micromechanics, and Transportation sectors. Going beyond its exceptional machine tool portfolio, Starrag Group offers integrated technology and maintenance services that greatly enhance customer quality and productivity.

By partnering with IMR, Starrag is set to introduce the latest advancements in precision engineering technology to the Irish market. In a tangible demonstration of their commitment, Starrag has installed a state-of-the-art Bumotec 191neo at the IMR research and training facility in Mullingar. This cutting-edge machinery will enable Irish precision engineering companies to explore new possibilities through innovative research projects, facilitated by the expertise and support provided by Starrag.

Jean-Daniel Isoz, Managing Director at Starrag said “Most of the industrial manufacturing companies based in Switzerland are SMEs. Their business model is not high volume-based, but technology-based. Starrag Vuadens is no exception in that regard. Focusing on target markets and applications, once we made the decision to boost our Medtech activity, it became apparent that we must have a presence in Ireland. As a newcomer in the country, we chose a local partner in IMR who has a focus on delivering added value through using high-end technology.”

Jean-Daniel continued, “Attending the GTMA 2023 exhibition at Limerick, I personally had the chance to meet with IMR’s management team and visit their Mullingar facility – what a great research centre! With the recently delivered Bumotec 191neo, I’m very excited about combining one of our latest multi-functional machine tools and the huge know-how in manufacturing technology of IMR. Let’s make it happen in the near future and develop innovative new manufacturing processes for Ireland’s med-tech manufacturers!”

Chris Judge, Head of Machining Technologies at IMR added, “We are thrilled to announce this exciting collaboration between Irish Manufacturing Research and Starrag. Working together with the Starrag team represents a crucial next step in expanding IMR’s manufacturing capabilities. T  is undeniably one of the most advanced and capable medical and micro CNC machining centres available. Leveraging this partnership and technology, IMR aims to empower Irish precision engineering companies, regardless of their size, to embrace the latest innovations and drive growth within the sector.”

Starrag’s association with IMR will undoubtedly contribute to the development of a thriving precision engineering ecosystem in Ireland. With their combined expertise, IMR and Starrag are committed to fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and driving the success of Irish precision engineering companies.

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About Starrag Group: 

Starrag Group is a global technology leader that specializes in manufacturing high-precision machine tools for milling, turning, boring, and grinding workpieces made of metallic, composite, and ceramic materials. With a customer base consisting of internationally active companies in the Aerospace, Energy, Industrial, Micromechanics, and Transportation sectors, Starrag Group is renowned for its exceptional machine tools and integrated technology and maintenance services. To learn more, visit


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