Empowering Industry with the Potential of Renewable Energy in Manufacturing

Empowering Industry with the Potential of Renewable Energy in Manufacturing

Are you prepared to rethink your energy approach in manufacturing and drive sustainability within your organisation? Dive into the transformative potential of renewable energy systems on manufacturing decarbonisation in our webinar, “The Role of Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in Industry Decarbonisation”.


Why is energy transition critical for the industry?

Industry energy-related CO2 emissions alone are responsible for 10% of Ireland’s emissions. Energy transition is essential to decarbonise industrial activities, but also to reduce businesses’ vulnerability to the energy market and to ensure growth and competitiveness.


What is considered renewable energy?

Renewable energy derives from natural resources replenished at rates exceeding consumption. Examples include solar, wind, and geothermal energy. The integration of the right technology is essential for harnessing these resources efficiently.


Key highlights of Diana’s presentation:

  • Insights into renewable energy technologies like solar PV, wind, battery storage, heat pumps, geothermal, biomass, CHP, and hydrogen.
  • Key design considerations when selecting a technology
  • Announcement of the Green Book: Empowering Ireland’s Renewable Future
  • Unveiling of IMR’s RES Assessment Tool


Green Book

As Ireland moves towards a more sustainable future and energy transition emerges as an imperative pathway, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), through its Sustainable Manufacturing pillar, presents the Green Book: Empowering Ireland’s Renewable Future. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the complexities of renewable energy systems, offering insights to assist Irish companies. The Green Book is designed for utility and facility managers, directors of operations, senior executives and other decision-makers within the Irish industrial ecosystem aiming to reduce energy costs and integrate sustainable practices into their operations. It’s also a valuable resource for researchers, consultants, and engineers exploring renewable energy technologies.

It empowers end-users and customers to make informed decisions about renewable energy, ensuring that stakeholders can embark on their journey confidently.

Find out more about the Green Book


Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessment

Our assessment serves as a comprehensive tool to evaluate a range of renewable energy technologies, including standalone as well as combined options. It aims to align with our partners’ objectives of decarbonisation, self-sufficiency, and economic benefits.

By factoring in variables like available resources, premises characteristics, and energy demands, this assessment identifies the optimal renewable energy mix for your company. It delves into technical, economic, and environmental key indicators, equipping decision-makers with the insights needed to steer sustainable energy strategies.

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