5G for Manufacturing on Show during IMR Network Event

5G for Manufacturing on Show during IMR Network Event

Irish Manufacturing Research, in partnership with Vodafone, Ericsson and Dell Technologies hosted a hugely successful 5G Ditigisation Network Day in Mullingar on June 28th. The event aimed at highlighting the power of 5G within an industrial context. Over 30 organisations with a specific interest in understanding how 5G can be deployed within factory and commercial environments attended this focused event.

Sebastian Elmgren and Daugirdis Stirbys exploring the telebot at IMR's 5G Network Day

It was a highly interactive day which kicked off with IMR’s Director of Digitisation, IIoT and Industry 4.0, Dr Niall Aughney talking about the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) process we use to help organisations develop their own digital strategies. Edwin Lugtenburg, the Business Development Lead for Mobile Private Networks (MPNs) in Vodafone spoke on MPN & Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and Ericsson’s Sebastian Elmgren, Head of Product Management and Business Development, Smart Manufacturing and Private Networks, gave a talk on Industrial Dedicated Networks.

In essence, it was about highlighting the role that 5G MPN can play in application development. We showcased a number of these applications leveraging our unique 5G and MEC infrastructure covering Augmented Reality (AR) and telebot use cases.

5G Panel Discussion in IMR Mullingar

The day finished up with a detailed expert panel discussion and a Q&A from the attendees whose questions throughout the day were gathered and answered. The panel included Mike Hibbett and Niall Aughney (IMR), Eric Van Vliet (Dell Technologies), Sebastian Elmgren (Ericsson) and Eilzabeth Rumsey (Vodafone) and was moderated by IMR’s COO, Maurice O’Connell.

IMR received great support from our partners Vodafone, Ericsson and Dell Technologies with the event attendees getting real-world experience of what 5G can do in an industrial context, what the eco-system looks like and where our great partners play in this eco-system and how IMR can help demystify this technology for organisations. We have received a huge amount of positive feedback and will be planning more 5G events in the future focusing on real-world applications.

If our capabilities can help you understand how 5G can enable your organization, please reach out and get in touch.