CIRCULÉIRE attend World Circular Economy Form 2024

Paul McCormack-Cooney, Agnese Metitieri Dr Geraldine Brennan and Valentina Rangel Leon at the WCEF 2024

CIRCULÉIRE attend World Circular Economy Form 2024

Last month, the World Circular Economy Form 2024 (WCEF2024)  gathered over 1,500 leaders in circularity in Brussels, Belgium, with an online audience of nearly 8,000 from 158 countries. The event, held from April 15-18, 2024, emphasised the EU’s critical role in advancing the global circular economy.

A delegation from Irish Manufacturing Research’s CIRCULÉIRE programme, led by Dr Geraldine Brennan with Paul Mcormack-Cooney, Valentina Rangel Leon and Agnese Metitieri were present across the week, and were among the 40 exhibitors at the WCEF Expo, sharing insights and case studies on circular innovation within Irish industry. The delegation also discussed future collaborations with Ireland’s Minister for the Circular Economy, Ossian Smyth.

Key messages from the forum included the need for a unified European approach, global collaboration, and strong regulatory frameworks. Experts stressed the urgency of implementing circularity to secure economic prosperity and reduce reliance on non-renewable resources.

The event also highlighted the importance of partnerships between the Global North and South, focusing on knowledge sharing and learning from indigenous communities. The European Union’s ambitious circular economy policy framework calls for robust industry engagement and support mechanisms to drive the transition.

Notably, the WCEF2024 launched the Global Resource Outlook 2024, urging accelerated efforts to decouple resource use from economic growth and environmental impact. The forum underscored the critical role of Multilateral Development Banks in mobilizing capital for circular economy initiatives.

The WCEF2025 will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, marking its first entry into Latin America and presenting new opportunities for global collaboration in circular economy efforts.

For more information about the WCEF2024 please visit CIRCULÉIRE.