CIRCULÉIRE Innovation Fund Powers CIRTEX Mattress Project

Maurice O'Connell (IMR, Leanne Conroy (IMR), Lucy Campbell (IMR), David Garland (CIRTEX), Ossian Smyth (Minister of State for Circular Economy), Rick Earley (CIRTEX), Geraldine Brennan (IMR), David McCormack (IMR)

CIRCULÉIRE Innovation Fund Powers CIRTEX Mattress Project

CIRTEX, a member of Irish Manufacturing Research’s (IMR) flagship circular economy initiative CIRCULÉIRE, has revolutionised textile waste management by transforming over 1,000 used mattresses weekly into high-quality components for various industries.

CIRTEX, under the leadership of co-founders Rick Earley and David Garland, were successful recipients of a grant fundingfrom the 2022 CIRCULÉIRE Innovation Fund. This funding, provided by The Department of Environment Climate and Communications, facilitated CIRTEX in developing new products aimed at reducing the incineration of approximately 500,000 mattresses discarded annually in Ireland.

The company’s unique approach involves upcycling components from discarded mattresses into new products for the mattress, furniture, and building insulation sectors. This process not only prevents waste but also creates sustainable, repeatedly upcyclable materials. CIRTEX’s commitment to sustainability has earned it the National Enterprise Green Sustainability Award, distinguishing it as Ireland’s only upcycling textile company meeting all regulatory and industry standards.

Ossian Smyth -IMR - Cirtex

Minister of State for the Circular Economy, Ossian Smyth, recently visited CIRTEX’s upcycling plant, praising the company for its innovative use of discarded materials and its contribution to reducing the waste stream. This visit underscores the government’s support for sustainable business practices.

Commenting on the visit minister Smyth commented:

“As Minister for Circular Economy, it is great to see that CIRTEX is putting the material from discarded mattresses to good use, making new products from old and keeping valuable materials out of the waste stream’.

Dr. Geraldine Brennan, Head of Circular Economy at Irish Manufacturing Research and CIRCULÉIRE Project Lead, commends CIRTEX’s successful demonstration project. She notes the company’s potential to scale up operations and become a leader in recycled components for the mattress and furniture industries, significantly impacting both the environment and the Irish economy.

“The CIRTEX upcycled Insulation project demo project has successfully validated the company’s technology, business model, and market potential. With its strong financials, growing customer base, and sustainable practices, CIRTEX is well-positioned to scale up operations and become a leading provider of recycled components for the mattress and furniture industries. The company’s contributions to the circular economy are demonstrable and it’s scaling up will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the environment and the Irish economy.”

CIRTEX exemplifies the potential of circular economy models in transforming waste into valuable resources. Their success aligns with IMR’s vision of enabling manufacturing sectors to adopt advanced, sustainable practices. IMR, through CIRCULÉIRE, supports Irish industry to switch from linear to circular business models.