Valuing Water in Irish Manufacturing

Valuing Water in Irish Manufacturing

On the occasion of World Water Day 2023, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) hosted a webinar titled “Valuing Water: How Irish Industry can use this Resource Efficiently”, providing valuable insights into global and Irish water usage, waste, sanitation, quality, stress, and efficiency. The webinar also delved into the analysis of the project “The True Cost of Water” and highlighted the importance of water management for industries.

One of the key topics discussed during the webinar was water mapping, metering, and monitoring design. Efficient water management requires a thorough understanding of water usage patterns, identifying potential areas of waste, and monitoring water consumption in real-time. By mapping water usage across different areas of a facility and installing water meters, industries can gain valuable insights into their water usage patterns, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to optimise water consumption.

The webinar also emphasised the need to demystify the cost of water. Many industries are unaware of the true cost of water, which includes not only the direct cost of water supply but also the hidden costs associated with water treatment, wastewater management, and environmental impact. Understanding the true cost of water can help industries realise the economic benefits of efficient water management practices and make informed decisions to invest in water-saving initiatives.

The webinar highlighted several water-saving opportunities that industries can explore. For example, the opportunity to restrict constant flow required, which in the example provided can have a cost of €1,000, but can potentially result in annual savings of €70,000. Another cost saving opportunity is water use optimisation, which may require an investment of €15,000 but can result in annual savings of €250,000. These examples illustrate how implementing water-saving initiatives can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line of businesses while also promoting sustainable water usage practices.

The webinar also acknowledged that there are challenges to efficient water management. Early engagement with critical functions such as finance, facilities, and operations is crucial to ensure support and buy-in for water-saving initiatives. Collaboration with service providers can also be beneficial in providing technical support and addressing queries related to water management. The webinar also highlighted the importance of calibrating water meters annually, as non-calibrated meters can lead to inaccurate measurements and potential waste.

The webinar shared key learnings from the project “The True Cost of Water” and emphasised the importance of identifying large water users, creating opportunities lists for water reduction, and understanding the operational costs associated with water management. Accurate information and data are critical in making informed decisions and implementing effective water-saving initiatives.


Water Management Journey

IMR can provide support to industry in their water management efforts. IMR offers services such as water visualisation, water optimisation, and water excellence, which can help industries identify areas of improvement, optimize water consumption, and achieve sustainable and efficient water management practices.

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