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What is Automation Project Assistance?


Automation Project Assistance is a service to help you get the most from your automation project. It is of particular use to clients who are new to automation projects. Our clients get access to years of experience in various areas of automation and robotic projects using a series of industry proven tools to reduce risk, ensure correct scope definition and delivery all of which help increase the success of the project and the automation system. The customer now has the benefit of a full automation team on the project!


  • Cost Efficiency: An experienced team will help define what you need to achieve your outcomes. Many projects incorrectly define requirements and even miss some critical ones leading to unnecessary costs.


  • Independent Review: IMR brings an independent “Third Eye” to the project. We will give you advice on the best fit for your problem statement, review concept designs, equipment and vendor selection. The independent review can also include support at design review and build review as required. IMR will also advise of CE requirements and review technical files as required.


  • Project Definition and Validation: IMR will help you set SMART requirements so both the vendor and the customer have a defined and agreed scope to design build and test. IMR will use the principles of GAMP to create a User Requirement Specification (URS) and to carry out Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).



What can Automation Project Assistance do for you?


  • Access to Industry Proven Tools & Practices
  • Access to an Automation team with 150+ years experience
  • Upskill your team for selecting and delivering Automation Projects Templates to use for future projects
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How can IMR help?


IMR will step through your entire Automation Project. Using our combined 150+ years of experience we can identify risk, suggest risk mitigation measures, define and validate project scope. We can recommend various suppliers which are best suited to your needs from our vast network of suppliers and system integrators. Clients who work with us will pick up many skills and learn from the process, this will ensure more confidence and experience in your team for subsequent projects.

Next Steps


IMR supports manufacturing companies through demystifying, derisking and delivering technologies that will have a meaningful and impact on their transformation strategies. If this approach and Automation Project Assistance is of interest to your company then please, reach out to us.


John Walshe
Senior Project & Program Manager


Automation & Advanced Control