Workplace Knowledge System

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The Workplace Knowledge System or WKS supports first time right manufacturing,enabling tactic knowledge sharing around enterprises to reduce variability and increase your company’s productivity.



The Workplace Knowledge System provides a user friendly, peer-to-peer platform and experience for the sharing of tacit knowledge, Know How, Know Now® with robust security and enterprise grade integration capabilities; Contact IMR today to get a free demo and discuss how WKS can help your business.


We listened to our partner’s challenge in maintaining and sharing corporate knowledge among their colleagues and designed a solution that met those challenges. No matter if you are a multinational, a SME or startup; contact us to get a free demo and find out how you can get WKS today.


“As one of the founding members of ICMR, now part of the Advanced Manufacturing Ireland initiative, Pfizer has been instrumental in helping shape and inform the research themes and in particular has played a key role in informing and piloting solutions to maintain this leading workforce performance through the Tacit Knowledge research program. At the Grangecastle biopharmaceutical manufacturing site, we have piloted the Workplace Knowledge System, a user-focused platform for the sharing of tacit and formal knowledge in an enterprise environment. Results to date have been exceedingly positive in terms of both user feedback and impacts on Key Performance Indicators through faster and easier access to knowledge” (Pat Field, Network Performance Leader, Pfizer).


Fearghal O’Hare

Principal Investigator Software Development

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