Vikrant Bhakar

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About Vikrant, Bhakar

Senior Circular Economy Researcher

Vikrant as a Circular Economy Researcher at IMR is dedicated to support the Irish Manufacturing Organizations to improve their circularity and gain competitive advantages as the globalized world is striving for sustainable operations


  • Post-doctoral Research Associate for TIGR2ESS
  • Visiting Researcher at IfM University of Cambridge, UK
  • Visiting Researcher at IWF, TU Braunschweig, Germany



  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems
  • PhD in Sustainable Manufacturing

What motivates you at IMR?

IMR provides me an opportunity to help the manufacturing organizations in making their business more circular and sustainable. Also, IMR’s multi-disciplinary talents portfolio and diversified culture makes it a suitable and healthy organization to work with.


Sustainability Assessment

Life cycle assessment

Circular Economy