True Cost of Water

Context & Aim

Water has been traditionally seen as low cost resource in industry, with minimal capital and infrastructure directed towards monitoring and optimisation. However, this has become an area of higher priority for industries engaged in pre and post treatment of water due to hidden costs. Water mapping standards exist for benchmarking and identifying high consumers, but outputs are just a snapshot of performance using once off measurements.


This projects aims to integrate water mapping methodologies with real time monitoring and data mapping to validate a range of scalable applications.


  • Water system monitoring infrastructure is typically limited in terms of sensorisation and software.
  • Industries do not have a clear understanding of the cost of water as it passes through the facility, therefore have difficultly identifying improvement projects and justifying expenditure.
  • Water mapping audits produce static outputs and are costly to performance.


  • Using existing infrastructure in additional to IoT sensor technologies for low cost monitoring.
  • Track and integrate intermittent measurements, such as quality measurements, and integrate with existing systems.
  • Map integrated data to a water mapping standard to facilitate applications.
  • Develop proof of concept applications to create real-time and modifiable outputs typically produced from a water mapping exercise.


Kilian Edwards
Mechanical Engineering Researcher


Ana Clara da Rosa Santos
Water Research Engineer


Sustainable Manufacturing


The True Cost of Water in Industrial Facilities