Out technical teams deliver comprehensive training programs and workshops, to date we have delivered several training programs for Industry.  We also deliver e-Learning, virtual classroom, or webinar coaching based training sessions, from one of the following core theme areas: Digitization, Automation & Control, Design for Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Digital Leadership & Team, Development.  Our training courses are advertised on our website and also keep an eye on our social channels.



  • To upskill and equip industry with the knowledge required to adopt emerging technologies faster than their global counterparts
  • To ensure the successful adoption and utilisation of their investments into technologies such as additive manufacturing, AR/VR, robotics, etc.



IMR has already demonstrated the success of this model (Research + Training) in programs such as the IMRAM project which was very favourably received by partner companies such as Mergon, PEM, and Trend and helped them accelerate their technology adoption.

“We sent a number of engineers to IMR for a training course and they got a huge insight into the different types of additive technology that exist. They’ve come back to PEM and brought that knowledge with them and are currently employing it with the components that we manufacture here.


Five years ago we would have manufactured all of our components in-house on all of our traditional machinery, milling machines, drills etc. In the last three years we have subcontracted that manufacture out as we are no longer competitive in making those components. We’d like to bring some of that manufacturing back into the company through the use of alternative manufacturing methods and additive is a way in which we can do that” (Heinz O’Connor, Managing Director of PEM Automation, Mullingar).

“Mergon is deriving huge benefit from our interactions with IMR. A growing knowledge of additive manufacturing is having a profound influence on how Mergon designs our tools and finishing equipment. Our customers are starting to see the benefits of that through better design, optimised part performance and improved costs. Mergon sees the IMR relationship as a key pillar in our strategic development over the coming years” (Caolan Bushell, Commercial Director, Mergon).