Starrag Bumotec 191neo

What it is

The Bumotec 191neo is a high-precision multi-task production centre equipped with “à la carte” peripherals, such as temperature-controlled high pressure, chip conveyor and bar loader, the modularity of the 191neo ensures all production requirements can be met. Coupled with the Bumotec palletiser or with a robotic, modular or custom-made automation cell, this gives you access to “24/7” type production, which is only interrupted by preventive maintenance when required. In addition to milling and turning, it can also be used for grinding, polishing, skiving, gear hobbing and diamond cutting, thereby allowing complex, demanding parts to be completed in a single cycle.


What it’s used for in IMR

The Bumotec 191neo machine is designed for producing precision components for multiple sectors including medical devices, aerospace, micro mechanics, luxury goods and more.

In IMR, it is used to demonstrate state-of-the-art precision machining and automation technology.


What products can be created with it

  • Mirco Mechanics
  • Aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • Luxury goods

Starrag Bumotec 191neo