Navit – Your Virtual Visitor Portal

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What is Navit?


Navit is the most advanced virtual visitor portal on the market and the only one designed specifically to help your visitors prepare for a visit to your fantastic facilities.


Our goal Is to revolutionise the visitor experience by ensuring our cutting-edge technology is easy-to-use and accessible anywhere and packed full of rich content including Videos, Images, Audio, Branding, Welcome Narrations, Questionnaires, Feedback forms, Live data and Embedded Websites. All combined to describe your buildings and inform your visitors. Ireland’s County Councils will now be able to create fully immersive visitor experience for your public buildings, your private offices, your cultural and heritage sites and your live events.


Enable your visitors to prepare prior to their visit and assist them on the day!



What can Navit do for you?


Your industry sector can derive multiple benefits from adopting a 360° virtual experience service, which encompasses not just a digital representation of physical spaces but a holistic interactive platform.


Remote Site Access: Allows for virtual tours of site facilities, enabling stakeholders and potential clients to explore the premises in detail from anywhere in the world. This is particularly beneficial for global teams and partners, reducing the need for travel.


Training and Safety: Enhances training programs by providing new hires and existing employees with a safe, controlled environment to familiarise themselves with the layout, machinery, and safety protocols of the factory floor without physical exposure to hazards.


Sales and Marketing Tool: Serves as a powerful marketing asset, showcasing the technological sophistication and capabilities of the site to prospective clients and investors through immersive virtual experiences.


Design and Planning: Facilitates better planning and collaboration in the design and layout of industry processes. Stakeholders can virtually walk through the facility, understanding spatial relationships and operational flows, which aids in identifying potential improvements or expansions.


Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Offers a detailed visual equipment and machinery, which can be used for remote diagnostics and maintenance planning, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.


Documentation and Compliance: Assists in documenting the current state of the facility for compliance and regulatory purposes, providing a clear and comprehensive visual record that can be more effective than traditional documentation methods.


Cost Reduction: Significantly cuts down costs associated with travel, on-site visits, and physical training sessions by providing a virtual alternative that can be accessed anytime, reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel.


Real-time Data Integration: By incorporating live data feeds into the virtual environment, real-time operations, machine performance, and other critical metrics can be monitored, enhancing decision-making and operational transparency.


Customer Engagement: Enhances customer engagement by offering an innovative and interactive way to experience products and processes, leading to increased customer confidence and stronger business relationships.


Overall, the Navit service empowers industry to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and stakeholder engagement while providing a sustainable, cost-effective solution for complex challenges.



How can IMR help?


Our team assumes full responsibility for the development of the virtual tour from its inception to its completion. We solicit your input solely in terms of content specificity—identifying key areas and elements within your facility that you wish to highlight in the virtual experience.


As an alternative, we offer a consultative role, empowering your team to craft the virtual tour independently. This support begins with an in-depth tutorial focused on the fundamentals of creating compelling 360° experiences. Typically, the process from conceptualisation to final execution spans one week, contingent upon the preliminary alignment of your objectives and creative vision.



Next Steps


Contact us at to get started on your tour. We can be onsite next week and have your preliminary tour ready by the following week. We will also support you after it goes live!


Charlie Behan
XR Engineer


Fearghal O’Hare
Director of Software Engineering