Mecademic Meca500

What it is

The Mecademic Meca500 Industrial Robot Arm is an easy to use, highly precise, 6-axis manipulator arm. The Meca500 boasts a repeatability of 5 μm, due to its precision-machined aluminium and zero-backlash gearboxes. The built-in embedded controller contained in the base helps to reduce the manipulators footprint in the workspace.

The specs of the arm are Weight: 4.5 kg, max. Payload: 1 kg, Reach:  260 mm



What is it used for in IMR

In IMR, the Meca500 is part of the TeleBot cell. The specs of the Meca500 make it useful for tasks such as super-human precision assembly, manipulation and off-site or clean room operation when paired with force sensing, haptic feedback controllers and video & VR visual communication.


Ken Horan
Director of Robotics & Automation