Markforged Metal X

What it is

The Markforged Metal X is a 3D printer capable of producing metallic parts using a material extrusion process. The process involves taking a metal material bound in a filament, extruding it to the shape of the part required on the printer, washing it in the Markforged Wash 1 station to remove the binding agent then placing it in the Markforged Sinter 2 furnace to sinter the part to it’s net shape.


This machine can leverage a broad range of materials such as Tool Steels, Copper and Inconel.


The printer has a build volume of 300mm by 220mm by 180mm and can produce parts with layer heights from 50 to 125 microns.

What it’s used for in IMR

This machine will be used to support projects in the space of precision engineering, tooling and development of novel heat exchangers.

What products can be created with it

  • Build Volume: X: 300mm, Y: 220mm, Z:180mm
  • Layer Heights: 50 – 125 Microns
  • Material Extrusion style 3D Printer
  • 17-4 PH
  • A2 & D2 Steels
  • Inconel 625
  • Copper
  • H13 Steel


Sean McConnell
Senior Technologist




Markforged Metal X