Measurement Aided Assembly of Large- scale Structures (MAAS)


This project is to develop an end-to-end assembly process to reduce the costs in the aircraft assembly operations, to develop robot scanning solution to scan and inspect an aircraft wing using a mobile collaborative robot platform, and to generate and manage digital 3D scans of the aircraft parts for best fit assembly operations. 


The final goal is to demonstrate a production cell which will integrate 

  • Efficient manufacturing processes intended for parts assembly. 
  • Visual inspection of individual parts.  
  • Robot-assisted assembly and quality assurance of the final sub-assembly by 3D scanning techniques. 



The major goal of the MAAS project is to develop an efficient automated solution for the manufacturing of aircraft sub-assemblies. The project aims to evaluate the use of collaborative robots and related automated activities within manufacturing, assembly, and inspection operations. A mobile robotics solution will be designed, developed, and integrated into a prototype assembly line 


Complete and align four work packages, robotic platform, development, aeronautical manufacturing and assembly, aeronautical scanning and inspection, and project management. 


  1. The system will consist of a mobile collaborative robot which will scan the wing panel and perform assembly operations 
  2. Data analysis will allow fast matching of panels with appropriate assembly locations. 
  3. The system will carry out post assembly scanning for measurement of gaps and step heights between panels.


MAAS is a 2-year project funded by Smart Eureka and supported by Enterprise Ireland (EI) and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). 


The Consortium consists of Airbus, IMR, TEG, and Robotnik. IMR for its robotics expertise, TEG for its EASA approved aviation design and production skills, and its use of 3D scanning technologies. Airbus provides first-class expertise in aircraft manufacturing and assembly.  Robotnik has extensive experience in the development of robots for performing autonomous tasks 

A project funded under the SMART EUREKA CLUSTER on Advanced Manufacturing programme through Enterprise Ireland


Robotics and Automation