Industry Network

About IMR memberships

One of the 3 pillars of IMR’s strategy, the industry network is both a driver of collaborative R&D programs and roadmaps but also a key asset for the industry participants in getting access to best-in-class behaviour and business practices across the wide range of industries and companies that are part of the network. Multiple events throughout the year such as the Networking Days, international trip, etc. provide multiple forums for industry to network and collaborate.


The industry network also provides a fertile environment for the creation of business to business relationships to develop and in particular opportunities for Irish SMEs to enter into the supply-chains of global MNCs. There are several highly successful examples of this from the first phase, including the collaborative robotics project between ITSL and Boston Scientific in Cork which delivered a high-profile automation project for Boston Scientific and significant new business and a strategic supply-chain relationship for an Irish SME.


“IMR is playing a vital role in helping to accelerate and adopt new technologies and integrate them into manufacturing solutions.  The ability to find new technologies, to showcase them, to bring the network together so we can look at those and understand them in a setting where we can access to trailing them within the Mullingar facility is really crucial” (Joe Devlin, Director of Process Development, Boston Scientific, Cork).