IIoT for Energy Management

Context & Aim

Energy management requirements in SMEs are not being met by current market due to high cost of installation for sensors and infrastructure, high cost to modify systems, and limited tools for interacting with data.


As a result, many SMEs have limited measurements and undertake restricted ad-hoc analysis of data. IIoT technologies are placed to potentially elevate these barriers, through low-cost sensitisation, advanced data management platforms and real time user friendly applications.


This feasibility studies aim to categorise the application requirements of a number of SMEs and current barriers to identify commonality between requirements from different industries. An IIoT platform will then be evaluated to determine if platforms in their current state have the capability to address industrial requirements.


Current solutions for energy managements do not meet requirements for SMEs due to high cost and lack of user tools. Potential of using new technological concepts such as IIoT are not engaged due to lack of end to end methodologies and case studies.


  • Assess the requirements of SMEs for energy management applications, e.g. operational dashboards and alarms, analysis tools, M&V, automated reports.
  • Assess the current infrastructure at SMEs and barriers, eg. Instrumentation, integration.
  • Identify commonality in requirements and barriers, and assess the capability of an IIoT Platform to address issues.


David McCormack
Director of Sustainable Manufacturing


Kilian Edwards
Mechanical Engineering Researcher


Sustainable Manufacturing