Haptic Devices

What it is

The haptic devices used in IMR lab include a 3D Systems’ “Touch” haptic device and Manus Prime II haptic gloves:

The 3D Systems’ “Touch” is a motorised haptic device that applies force feedback on the users’ hand. This allows them to feel objects either in a virtual world or through force feedback and haptic sensors for applications such as teleoperation.

The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves provide a sense of physical touch to deliver intuitive and natural interactions with low latency between the user and virtual hands in a virtual environment. The Haptic gloves localise the user’s hand positions to help visualise them relative to their simulated environment, which enables a feedback loop and interactions with the environment.



What is it used for in IMR

In IMR, both the “Touch” Haptic Device and the Manus Prime II Haptic gloves are integrated in the TeleBot cell.

The haptic feedback that the Touch provides allows real-time haptic feedback from the manipulator arm equipped with force sensors and tactile sensors. This can give valuable information to the user to carry out their manipulation task remotely.

The haptic gloves allow a user of a teleoperated robotic manipulator to have feedback on what is happening in a remote environment such as a clean room. The haptic gloves are combined with force sensors and tactile sensors installed on the manipulator to enable this feedback loop.



Touch Haptic Device


Touch Haptic Device


Kevin Dooley
Senior Robotics Researcher