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Greybox optimises the production schedule dynamically, reading information from the shop floor and constantly producing optimal schedules, optimising multiple objectives and KPIs.


Most manufacturing companies report the crucial need for dynamic production scheduling tools. These tools are even more important for Industry 4.0 since production is becoming more agile and customised, imposing new constraints on planning and scheduling. They are also more heavily impacted when disruptions occur.


Planning managers in manufacturing multinationals and SMEs that were overwhelmed by the scheduling process and unable to understand the impact of changes in the schedule.


β€œThe Interreg Machining 4.0 Project has allowed Irish Pressings the opportunity to work closely with a highly experienced team at IMR in order to develop a meaningful software to support production planning. The benefits focus on the fact that the software is directed at the challenges faced by Irish Pressings relating to the complexities of production planning in the automotive industry and the team at IMR have identified ways to meet these challenges and close the gaps in our requirements by providing a meaningful and responsive piece of software.”(Karen Campbell, Sales & Logistics Manager, Irish Pressings).


Carlos Garcia

Senior Technologist