Geraldine Ann Cusack

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About Geraldine Ann Cusack

Senior Researcher in Sustainable Manufacturing

Geraldine Ann is a chartered engineer and a chartered water and environmental manager helping to drive Irish Manufacturing Research’s Sustainable Manufacturing under the umbrella of Circular Economy principles. Her work area includes industrial symbiosis, circular procurement and sustainable production.


  • 15+yrs throughout public and private sectors.
  • Global & regional corporate sustainability programmes for decarbonisation strategies and circularity developments.
  • Resources management under climate change mitigation, adaptation, and policy initiatives.
  • Environmental engineering consulting throughout the US, Ireland, UK, Azerbaijan, Chile.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (USA and Ireland) compliance management for land, air & water ecosystems.


  • CIRCULÉIRE Thematic Working Groups (Circular Bioeconomy, Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Procurement)
  • SymbioBeer
  • True Cost of Water


  • MSc in Energy (economics & environmental legislation)
  • BSc in Geological engineering /Minor in Physical Sciences
  • Diploma in Tech Fundamentals
  • Diploma in Innovation, Leadership and Creativity

What motivates you at IMR?

Cross-disciplinary technical and non-technical collaborative environmental sustainability and circularity program action. Promoting and enabling sustainable and circular economy thinking and solutions to decarbonize organisations through mechanisms of electrification, automation and digitalization. Collaboration with public, private, and academic sectors to enable adoption of strategic and impactful Sustainability focused programmes.


Resolving resource value leakage challenges.
Driving sustainability, decarbonisation & circularity initiatives.
Leading multidisciplinary engagement.
Enabling environmental compliance.