Fanuc CRX

What it is

The FANUC CRX is a Collaborative Robotic manipulator arm with a 10 kg payload and 1.25m reach. This “Cobot”arm has built-in force sensors to allow the arm to fit into an existing workplace and work safely around humans and dynamic objects for a given risk-assessed application. The FANUC CRX is lightweight at 39 kg and only requires 190mm footprint making it adaptable for tight workspaces.



What is it used for in IMR

In the IMR Mullingar Lab, the Fanuc CRX is incorporated as part of the Cobot cell to showcase the use of Collaborative Robotic manipulators working safely in a dynamic, human-friendly environment. The Human-Robot safe interaction in the Cobot cell is enabled by continually shifting the safe working space of the manipulator. The Fanuc manipulator is equipped by sensors such as cameras, lasers, and fast real-time controllers to stop and re-route the path for the manipulator safely.


Ken Horan
Director of Robotics & Automation