EXEED for Cleanrooms

Context & Aim

Utilising the EXEED program enables organisations establish a systematic approach to design, construction, and commissioning processes for new investments and upgrades to existing assets.


Applying the EXEED methodology in a regulated environment where product quality is number 1 priority. Applying EXEED to characterise energy consumption and identify cost, energy and CO2 reductions in a fully operational cleanroom.


IMR’s GreenMode Methods is a methodology designed for energy reduction on production systems. It allows a structured approach to analysing utility consumption and identifying opportunities by providing a full site view of energy consumption, applicable to all utility categories and focuses on investigating how a site utility category translates down onto a factory floor.

GreenMode Methods provides energy optimisation and reduction improvements that have been risk assessed against specific factory KPIs.


In total there were 27 opportunities identified across 3 areas (HVAC, Process Gas & Power) in the pilot cleanroom:

  • 7 at Energy service level
  • 5 at Process level
  • 1 at Equipment level
  • 3 at Control level
  • 6 at Operations and control level
  • 3 at Management level


The opportunities identified would yield the following savings:

  • HVAC – 20% reduction
  • Process Gas – 63% reduction
  • Power – 9.5% reduction


Sustainable Manufacturing