Court Edmondson

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About Court Edmondson

Senior Program and Product Manager

Court sets the tone for the operations within the Robotics and Automation team. Skilled in the creation of process and tools to guide the entire department from the initial customer contact and through the Demystify and Derisk stages of the product development. Ultimately, he helps us deliver complex systems that will drive impactful change for our customers and Irelands economy.


  • Contract Program manager for NASA’s next-generation exploration spacesuit.
  • Established a new division within a major NASA contract to facilitate contracts and revenue from external partners.
  • Project Manager and Manufacturing lead for NASA JSC’s Valkyrie and Robonaut 2 Programs.


  • National Robotics Executive Committee (NREC)


  • BA in Industrial Design
  • MA in Executive MBA in Global Leadership

What motivates you at IMR?

I spent a large portion of my career helping teams achieve goals, which were very important for one customer or one company. IMR represents an opportunity to apply the skills of this gifted team across an extremely wide range of customers and industries throughout Ireland, benefiting an entire society.


Program and Product Management

Product Design and Development

Product and Business Strategy

Process Development and Optimization

Mechanical Design