Cleanbox CX1

What it is

The Cleanbox CX1 is a device to sterilise Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets. The unit uses UVC light to eliminate viruses and bacteria, and air flow to remove small particles of debris like hairs and skin fragments.


XR devices are considered very personal, as they are worn on your face, very close to your eyes, nose and mouth, it is essential they are cleaned in-between users. The Cleanbox CX1 is ideal for IMR as it can silently sterilise an XR device in 60 seconds, in a compact and stylish form factor. They also have the added benefit that they are an ideal place to store XR devices when not in use.


What is it used for in IMR

IMR is leading Ireland’s largest XR research project, XR-Adopt. The project is helping 8 Irish companies through their journey to the adoption of XR technology. A large portion of this project is introducing various XR devices to the consortium, and conducting onsite pilots within 3 facilities. The health and safety of the users is paramount, and forms a substantial section of the project. The Cleanbox CX1 is a vital part of the handover procedure, ensuring that all XR devices are clean, sterile and ready for use.


  • HMD Sterilisation – Completely sterilises an XR Head Mounded Device in 60 seconds.
  • HMD Storage – Provides a convenient and safe location to store your XR HMDs

Cleanbox CX1 Unboxing