Chilled Water Optimisation

Context & Aim

Chilled Water systems are one of the largest energy users in a Manufacturing facility. An IMR survey showed that 20% of energy consumed in a factory is apportioned to chilled water. Chilled water systems are rarely optimised for changing loads or environmental conditions. Current control strategies while robust are not set up for energy efficiency. Project ICEhOuSE uses an innovative data analytic technology to harness existing data sets from multiple systems to produce a fully optimised CHW control strategy reducing CHW system energy without a large capital outlay.


Company BMS systems are certainly capable of running control strategies in isolation on particular elements of the chilled water system based on scheduling and process variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc. However, they do not take into account the energy requirements. It is only through analysis by system experts that chilled water systems are set up to operate efficiently which is both time consuming and costly to routinely implement. Furthermore retrofitting new infrastructure to optimise existing chilled water systems comes with a significant capital outlay.


Project ICEhOuSE is a software application that utilises the site’s existing infrastructure to continually optimise the chilled water system by responding to real-time building/production loads and changing ambient and occupancy conditions.


Simulations were carried out on 3 different facilities, where one site had optimised its chilled water system, one site was in the process of implementing control and the third site was looking to optimise their system. Simulation results were based on the IMR control strategy Vs Site control strategy show the following:

  • Medical Device Facility 40% energy reduction
  • ICT Facility 15% energy reduction
  • Pharma facility 5% reduction


  • Reduction in CHW System energy consumption
  • CO2 reduction
  • Minimise the energy consumption while operating maintaining critical to quality production requirements

Next Steps

IMR plans to commercialise Project ICEhOuSE in the coming months, if you are interested in understanding how ICEhOuSE can reduce your chilled water system operational cost contact the Sustainable Manufacturing team.

  • Prolong Plant life
  • Maximise return on investment of existing plant

“Energy efficiency is important for BSC Galway to meet its environmental and cost reduction targets. Although the site has a good track record of energy reduction project implementation, many opportunities remain unexploited due to lack of resources, expertise, research capabilities, etc.

Partnership with IMR has been paramount in helping Boston Scientific address many of these barriers by providing innovative solutions including data acquisition and analysis and identification of system optimisation opportunities.

In the Chilled Water project, initial simulations utilising the IMR optimisation strategy have shown energy savings in the order of 20%. Results like this show the significant benefit to Boston Scientific working with IMR”

(Ronan Coffey, Facilities Engineer, Boston Scientific).


David McCormack
Director of Sustainable Manufacturing


Sustainable Manufacturing