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APEM is a SMART Eureka Project comprising of 7 partners from Spain and Ireland, with Croom Precision as the technical lead.  The project has been awarded €1.9million in funding. The project will run for 24 months from March 2020.


The overall goal of this project is to achieve a step change in the quality and yield of components produced by metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and as a result, deliver enhanced cost competitiveness.


This will be achieved through the development and improvement of design and simulation workflows, in-process control and post-process finishing tools.


IMR’s role in the project is that of supporting the companies to deliver business critical results that represent a tangible impact.



  • Develop new computational design methodologies and AM processing conditions for the fabrication of Aeronautics and Dental components. These processing conditions will be developed using a production scale machine combined with a process monitoring system to enable real-time adaptive process control and adjustment during AM part processing.
  • Replace the end-of-batch go/no-go destructive test regime, with an advanced in-process control and quality assessment solution by correlating in-situ data monitoring with the quality and performance of printed parts for each target product application.
  • Deliver new post-processing bur tools designed to optimize the support removal and finishing steps, leveraging the advances above in design and process monitoring.
  • Establish post-processing procedures for better, more accurate and cost-effective part finishing.
  • Develop a new production workflow that results in improved design, quality, cost and lead times of parts produced through AM for high demanding sectors such as Aerospace and Dental.



Integrate the various steps of the metal AM workflow in a continuous and seamless way to achieve improvements in cost and quality.



APEM-AM is a 2-year project funded by Smart Eureka and supported by Enterprise Ireland (EI). The project consortium consists of:

  • Croom Precision
  • Egile
  • Createch
  • ATA
  • UCD (i-Form)
  • Lortek
  •  IMR


Beatriz Ropio
Additive Manufacturing Researcher


Design for Manufacturing


A project funded under the SMART EUREKA CLUSTER on Advanced Manufacturing programme through Enterprise Ireland