Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the Circular Economy in Ireland  (AI4CE)



Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide smart and integrated solutions and pathways to facilitate ‘Green’ and ‘Digital’ transitions to innovative circular economy (CE) business models. These transitions contribute to achieving climate neutrality while fostering economic growth that is environmentally and socially responsible. Several barriers, however, are associated with the use of AI technologies in the Irish industry.


The AI4CE project seeks to establish the role AI can play in the circular economy transformation through the creation of a roadmap to empower the new possibilities to achieve sustainable development targets in Ireland.

The rapid growth and dissemination of AI are set to transform entire industries, creating new opportunities to improve the lives of people around the world. Equally, the potential of AI to accelerate the transition to a CE is yet to be fully determined.

The project specifically focuses on the challenges surrounding the key waste materials related to EPA focus including packaging, plastics, textiles, food & drinks, construction, electronics and batteries.

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